How 7 Virtual Assistant Services Works.

The Step-by-Step Process

Press the CHOOSE PLAN button on our Plan & Pricing Page and fill in the requested information. Or, you can send us an email and indicate which plan you would like to go with. Our finance team then will raise an invoice for the opted plan. Provide us as much information as required about your task and your details

The minimum, we would like to receive the following information from you to create your account with us.

Full Name:

Contact Number (Cell):

Contact Number (Home/ Office):


Home Address:

Work Address:

Once we receive the payment you will receive an email confirmation on your payment and have access to your dashboard – Client Portal. Then we assign you with a Team Manager and 2 Dedicated Virtual Assistant. One will be your Primary Virtual Assistant (PVA) and another your Secondary Virtual Assistant (SVA).  The Team Manager will be your point of contact and take full responsibility for proper completion of the task.

Your dedicated Virtual Assistant will report you on daily basis on Skype or another other preferred mode by the client.

Once the task is completed – your VA will send the report and look for your valuable feedback, comments or suggestions, which will help us to serve you better in near future.

Finally, you can see the real-time progress reports on your dashboard – Client Portal.

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